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Gilpin County Office of the Assessor
Anne Schafer, Assessor

Phone:  303-582-5451    Fax:  303-565-1798
203 Eureka Street    P.O. Box 338
Central City, CO  80427

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Cindy Johnson, Property Transfer Clerk
Dave Kurronen, Chief Appraiser
Janet Thompson, Personal Property Appraiser

Kris Krejci, Office Assistant

The assessment process plays an important role in local government. Equitable assessments assure property owners that they are paying their fair share of the costs of operating schools, providing police and fire protection, road construction and maintenance, water, sanitation and other necessary services.

The Assessor does not set taxes. The values determined by the Assessor are assessments. This office is audited annually by the General Assembly and is governed by state law. While we make every effort to reduce errors in any endeavor they occasionally occur. If you have questions about any assessment matter, please contact us.

The Assessorís office is not able to give legal advice. We suggest you contact a lawyer, title company or realtor for information on transferring and changing title on property and how forms should be completed.