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Community Development Department Building, Planning, Zoning & GIS
The Old Courthouse / 203 Eureka Street, 2nd & 3rd Floors / P.O. Box 661 / Central City, CO 80427.  Phone: 303-582-5831 / Fax: 303-565-1796

Well Drilling and Permitting Information - Click here for link to Colorado Water Well Permit Site.

Gilpin County OWTS (Septic) Information

EPA Site for Septic Information
Use Permit Program FAQs
Use Permit Application
Use Permit Inspection Report Guide
Use Permit Tank Pumping Report & Guide
Use Permit Mechanical Aeration Report Guide
Use Permit Renewal Form
OWTS Regulations (PDF
OWTS Fee Schedule
OWTS Application Form
Board of Health Policy on Refund of Application Fees
Board of Health Policy for Determining Suitability of Existing OWTS
Board of Health Policy for Operation and Maintenance for Mechanical Systems

2017 Licensed Contractors for Gilpin County:

Licensed Use Permit Inspectors
Septic Engineer
Septic Installers
Septic Pumpers
Septic System Maintenance Providers
Septic "Do's and Don'ts"
Tips for Septic Use
Leach field Seeding