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Any changes to a voter record can be made using the registration form below.

Am I already registered?

Requirements for Voter Registration

  • You must be a United States citizen
  • You must be at least 18 years of age before Election Day
  • You must be a resident of your precinct at least 22 days prior to the next election and consider this your primary place of residence.

How Do I Become Eligible to Vote?

In order to be eligible to vote, you must register in the county in which you reside. By registering, you declare your residency in the State of Colorado within the county and district of your actual physical residence.

Ways to Register to Vote in Gilpin County
Make changes to your voter registration or register to vote:  

  • Print the registration form, fill it out and send it to: (see *NOTE below):
    Gilpin County Clerk and Recorder
    PO Box 429
    Central City, CO 80427
  • Download Registration Form
  • can now also register for the first time or confirm and update your registration at https://www.sos.state.co.us/Voter/secuRegVoterIntro.do
  • Register by mail: (see *NOTE below):
    Voter registration application forms are available at public libraries, post offices throughout Gilpin County and the State of Colorado. Complete and mail the application to the Clerk and Recorder’s Office address listed above.
    You can register up to and including election day.

*NOTE: First time voters in Gilpin County who register by mail must send along with the signed registration form a copy of valid ID or the last 4 digits of their social security number. Valid ID means any of the following that shows an address in Colorado and is current:

  • A valid Colorado driver’s license;
  • A valid Colorado driver’s license; or
  • A valid Colorado Department of Revenue identification card; or
  • A valid U.S. passport; or
  • A valid pilot’s license issued by the Federal Aviation Administration; or
  • A valid employee identification with a photograph issued by the U.S. Government, Colorado state government, or any county, municipality, board, authority, or other political subdivision of the state; or
  • A valid U.S. Military Identification card with photograph; or
  • A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other governmental document that shows the name and address of the elector; or
  • A valid Medicare or Medicaid card issued by the U.S. health care financing administration; or
  • A certified copy of a birth certificate for the elector issued in the United States; or
  • Certified documentation of naturalization.

Visit the County Clerk’s office at the following location:
203 Eureka Street
Central City, CO 80427

  • Visit any of the City Clerk’s offices at the following locations:
    Black Hawk City Clerk
    201 Selak St
    Black Hawk, CO 80422

    Central City City Clerk
    141 Nevada St
    Central City, CO 80427

    Request an Absentee Ballot 

    • Complete the Application for Mail-in Ballot (Solicitud de balota por correo de Colorado) to permanently receive ballots by mail.  The permanent mail in ballot request is valid until canceled by the elector, or a mail ballot is returned as undeliverable, or the elector has become inactive.
    • An address provided for mailing an absentee ballot will not change the mailing address on your voter record.
    • Return the application to the Gilpin County Clerk and Recorder  by mail, by fax, or deliver to one of our offices in Central City. 
    • Ballots cannot be forwarded according to Colorado State Statute.  Provide an address that will reach you at the time the ballots are available.  
    • All mail-in ballots received by 7 p.m. on Election Day are counted.


    June 26, 2012 - Primary Election - Mail Ballot Election 

    • New - Primary Elections are now held on the last Tuesday in June
    • Deadline to register to vote:  May 29, 2012
    • Deadline to change voter affiliation is May 25, 2012. 
    • Unaffiliated voters may affiliate with a party up to and including Primary Election Day.
    • www.GoVoteColorado.com - verify your addresses, make changes to your voter registration
    • Ballots will be mailed starting June 4, 2012, then daily as requests are received
    • Must be affiliated with a major party to vote in primary elections

    November 6, 2012 - General Election - Polling Place Election 

    • Deadline to register to vote:  October 9, 2012
    • Ballots will be mailed to voters who have requested mail  in ballots starting October 15, 2012, then daily as requests are received
    • www.GoVoteColorado.com - verify your addresses, make changes to your voter registration, become a Permanent Mail-In Voter

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