Travel Benefits

Am I eligible for travel benefits?


If you meet the eligibility criteria, you may be eligible for VA travel benefits associated with obtaining VA Health care services. Travel paid to you will be to the nearest VA medical facility that is properly equipped and staffed to provide needed care and treatment. VA has the authority to pay for transportation of eligible veterans traveling to VA authorized non-VA health care.
In most cases, travel benefits are subject to a deductible. Exceptions to the deductible requirement are:
travel for a compensation and pension examination;
non veteran donors;
veterans requiring special mode transportation; and
when it is determined that the deductible would cause severe financial hardship.

You qualify for travel benefits if:

you have a service-connected rating of 30% or more;
you are traveling for treatment of a service-connected condition;
you receive a VA pension;
your income does not exceed the maximum annual VA pension rate;
you can present clear evidence that you are unable to defray the cost of travel;
you are traveling for a scheduled compensation or pension examination;
you are in an authorized Vocational Rehabilitation Program;
certain veterans in certain emergency situations;
certain non-veterans when related to care of a veteran (attendants, donors);

Allied Beneficiaries
Mileage Rate (Effective 2/1/08):
General Patient Travel..................................................................$0.28.5 per mile
Scheduled appointments qualify for round-trip mileage—unscheduled visits are limited to return mileage only.
VA Directed Travel ...................................................................... $0.28.5 per mile
Authorized travel associated with VA’s request for a re-examination of a veteran following an initial Compensation and Pension examination.
Deductible: $7.77 for each one-way trip ($15.54 for each round trip)
There is a monthly deductible cap of $46.62 for travel to all VA facilities. Upon reaching $46.62 in deductibles, travel payments made for the balance of that particular month will be free of deductible charges.
Note: Mileage reimbursement claims for travel prior to February 1, 2008 will be processed at the previous rate of 11 cents per mile for General Patient Travel and 17 cents per mile for VA Directed Travel with deductibles of $3 per one-way trip; $6 for round trip; with a maximum deductible cap of $18 per calendar month.

For more information you can contact the travel clerk at your local VA facility, 303 399-8020, listen to instructions to connect with the travel clerk.

Gilpin County Vets:

Gilpin County veterans who are without transportation or limited mobility, and needing transportation for a medical appointment at VA Medical Center and Colorado Community Based Outpatient Clinics can call Gilpin County Veteran's Office for assistance. Please call at least 1 week prior to your appointment, 303 582-5444 ext 1103.

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